Painter Qin Rongfang


[Qin Rongfang] Guilin Guangxi, graduated from the Arts Department of Guangxi Normal University, good at painting flowers and birds, fish and insects. He is now a member of the Chinese painting and calligraphy society and a member of the Beijing Academy of calligraphy and painting. Professor Wang Huichun, Fu Shifang, Zhang Shijian, disciple of Guo Shifu.

Delving into the flower painting for more than ten years, China flower the traditional techniques of deep understanding and innovation. Pursue the artistic realm of emptiness and emptiness. Through painting, change in the order of priority lines convey disposition, expressing deep understanding of art, and rich emotional world.

The works are favored by domestic and foreign well-known collectors, 2003 works "Moonlight", in China artists painting and calligraphy exhibition has attracted wide attention.

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