Calligrapher Ge Xinchao


Ge Xinchao, Zi Xudong, native of Anhui, settled in Beijing. He is a member of the central new calligraphy and painting academy and a member of the Anhui calligraphers association. His childhood love of calligraphy, studious, has been the art of calligraphy as a great pleasure in spiritual life and hobbies, years of clinical learning all ages mingtie, absorbing the ancient masters of nutrition at the same time also frequently participate in the calligraphy competition, learning from the essence. The book for the wind never Qisuo strange, but indulge in the beauty of nature. Thick road, life, land and road work, disciplined writing, is the pursuit of its consistent style. The delicate calligraphy strokes clear, smooth, vivid kind, tastes. The works have been displayed on several major sites of Beijing Metro and published in several newspapers and magazines. It has been loved and collected by many entrepreneurs and famous people at home and abroad.

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