Painter Geng Shuhui


Geng Shuhui, born in a family of scholar, living in Vancouver, the legal representative of Vancouver Chinese painting academy, once in 1985 to create their own car limited company chairman, auto parts sales, there is a repair factory six factory, love of painting and calligraphy art culture industry, after the transformation of the cultural market, Tao Xingzhi served as calligraphy Director Ren Chi economic man, work together with the Taiwan world cultural Guangling Mr. President, to a group of Heilongjiang artists together to do volunteer work, immigration to Vancouver, love the motherland heart of the motherland, China painting and calligraphy art palace resplendent bright pearl, powerful China, painting and calligraphy art to enter the international Chinese, Vancouver painting and Calligraphy Institute Geng Shuhui for arts and culture inheritance duty, Chinese 5000. To set up the bridge Chinese and Vancouver painting and calligraphy art.

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