Calligrapher Hu Lianrong


Hu Lianrong, male, born in April 1967, Jiangxi, Linchuan, member of Chinese Calligraphers association. The Fujian provincial CPPCC members, Shishi CPPCC Standing Committee, Fujian Calligraphers Association, Quanzhou youth Calligraphers Association vice president of Shishi Calligraphers Association vice chairman of Fujian Province, Jiangxi chamber of Commerce President, honorary chairman and other staff.

Mr. Hu Lianrong loves calligraphy, he began clinical learning, from the start, Liu, Liu, research has concentrated copying Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Wang Duo, Zhang Xu, Zhang Zhi, Mi Fei, Su Shi, Huai Su, Cai Xiang, Yan Zhenqing, Huang Tingjian, Zhao Mengtiao, Zhao Kuangyi, Tao Yuanming and other famous mingtie, wide set, eclectic gathering.

Mr. Hu Lianrong's calligraphy has won the national "Wang Anshi prize" calligraphy exhibition exhibition award;

Chinese Calligraphers Association 2012 "student works" outstanding works award;

The second Wang Duo Cup National Calligraphy Competition Gold medal;

The first national "contemporary Xi Award" gold award;

The 2011 "Chinese Cup" international poetry and print art contest;

China's first "Pavilion of Prince Teng Cup" grand prize in literature and art;

The first prize are national painting and calligraphy competition "into the exhibition award;

The Third Asia Europe Cup International Calligraphy Art Grand Prix "bronze;

Second "moon Chun National Poetry and print four contest first prize;

Gold medal of famous works, Chinese Calligraphers and artists' excellent works Invitational tournament;

First prize of Poyang Lake cup literature and art grand prix;

In commemoration of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan, 70th anniversary, "Ode to peace", "Chinese sentiment", the national art and calligraphy hundred invitations, exhibitions, first prize, and many other awards.

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