National artist Yang Meihua


[Yang meihua]  famous giant painting landscape painter, national artist, Zhongnanhai Ambassador special ceremony for artists, people's Daily "livelihood livelihood weekly" painting and calligraphy art consultant and painter, calligrapher China vice chairman of the Hunan branch, China Hanlin Academy of painting and calligraphy vice Institute of Hunan branch, vice president of the people's China Artists Association, China International Book deputy president of the Academy, Xi'an foreign language training school at Chinese visiting professor, vice chairman of the Federation of the working committee of art, Shanghai eighteen World contest organizing committee invited guests and Mrs. globe art charity ambassador, "win at the workplace, accompanied by" charity Ambassador Road, Chinese view Internet rankings of the most innovative painter.

He studied from the famous painter Liu Wenxi and teacher peng. Especially in Peng Li teacher personally counseling, painting won the first prize in 1983 the first national calligraphy competition staff. 07 years into the "Shaanxi cultural celebrities", by Shaanxi famous painter Wu Sanda, calligraphy, Cui Zhenkuan, a famous contemporary south of the Five Ridges style painter Liao Zhuoxun the leader of the teacher and the National Landscape Painting Research Institute Zhu Rongxian teachers, Oke Toshiro style, profound artistic conception, unique natural charm. The works have been selected for many times in the domestic painting and calligraphy exhibition, and have won many awards, and have been collected by units or celebrities. Some of them have been collected by Zhongnanhai and the Great Hall of the people, and the central leaders have been given foreign friends as national gifts. Yang Mei landscape painting works in a heroic atmosphere and has great collection value.

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